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Top 5 Lit Christmas Gifts for Millenials This Year; Show Your Fam Some Love!

If you got through reading the title of this article and landed on this page for ideal Christmas gifts for millennials, congratulations! These days, there has been so much talk about millennials, because of their diverse taste and well, generally “unique” behavior.

Christmas gifts for millennials: Who are they exactly?

For starters, millennials thrive in the idea of being the first to get to something. This is why many people somewhere between 18 to 30-years-old start their own little businesses, with social media channels as their arsenal. Also, it’s easy to spot a millennial if they felt a “deep connection” to early 2000s Disney channel shows, or find themselves quoting (or living according to) Regina George from Mean Girls. Also, they are almost always the ones with self-labelled titles in the jobs they now have.

Millennials, in basic terms, are the “special bunch” who grew up just in time before technology started booming. So if you’re looking to buy something lit (means special) for your fam (not family, fam is a slang word for close friend), check out the list below.

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Top 5 Christmas gifts for millennials:

1. Power Up Keychain from Nordstrom, $55

Christmas Gifts For Millennials

Photo from Nordstrom

Phones, tablets, and other nifty gadgets look pretty but they’re useless without any battery. The first gift on the list is a fashionable keychain (because tassels are always in style) that doubles as a simple power bank. This version has a USB and an iPhone cord designed into it.

2. Bees Knees Spicy Honey from Bushwick Kitchen, $13.99

Christmas Gifts For Millennials

Photo from Bushwick Kitchen

Millennials love to wine and dine, and pretty packaging gets their attention much like a moth to a flame. In fact, the very same bunch are very conscious about the quality of their food (how it’s made, where the ingredients come from, etc.) so artisanal company Bees Knees’ spicy honey will make another perf gift. I mean, look at that packaging!

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3. Ginkgo Solar Tree from XD Design, $7

Christmas Gifts For Millennials

Photo from XD Design

You can definitely see how important gadgets are to millennials because of the plethora of interesting new items available online. Of course, one of the advocacies they feel connected to also include eco-friendly movements that this item is a great representation of.

From startup tech company XD Design comes the Ginkgo Solar Tree which packs a 4000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery to store solar energy. The Ginkgo Solar Tree even takes it a step further because it’s made from sustainable materials, including bamboo.

4. Airbnb gift cards, $25++

Christmas Gifts For Millennials

Photo from Airbnb

It is an understatement to try and express just how much millennials love to travel. In fact, traveling alone has never been a stigma for them when their mantra really is to just see more of the world while they can. While they’re at it, you would rarely see them check into a five-star hotel, but rather, find an Airbnb place throughout their stay.

These cards are perfect for the avid millennial traveler, especially since these gift cards do not expire.

5. F181 Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera from Holy Stone, $109

Christmas Gift For Millennials

Photo from Holy Stone

Whether from work or play, drones have a special place in every multimedia millennial’s list. Drones have garnered popularity throughout the years. Holy Stone’s quadcopter drone is one of the top-rated drones in the market that features an HD camera. Your social media feed will even look prettier once your friend starts to document his/her life, even in the most ordinary of things, once they take photos or videos using this drone.

With the suggestions mentioned above, shopping for Christmas gifts for millennials shouldn’t be a bore. Happy Holidays, fam!

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