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Thanksgiving Conversation Starters: Introverted or Not, You Have To Deal With Your Aunt!

During Thanksgiving, it is a must for the family to gather around the table and enjoy a delicious meal together while sharing stories. Sounds easy? Maybe it is—unless the last time you have seen your relatives was when you were a toddler! Awkwardness is inevitable especially when you’re around people you haven’t seen in a long time. However, that is not an excuse to stay silent while eating. Turn small talk into an actual conversation with the following Thanksgiving conversation starters!

Thanksgiving Conversation Starters!

A great thanksgiving conversation starter is by asking a question. Remember to keep your questions open-ended. Let’s say you are seated beside an aunt you haven’t seen in years. To prevent awkwardness between the two of you, find out about  her interests then ask questions that are open-ended. Ask things like, “What is your favorite makeup brand?” or “What was the best music era for you?” Avoid questions that give yes-no answers. They often cut conversations short and increase the discomfort between parties.

Next, don’t hesitate to compliment then ask! Many people love to hear compliments from their peers. Use that to your advantage then follow-up with an open-ended question. An example would be “The food was great. Which was your favorite?”

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Current events like the weather, who is hot or not in showbiz, or the latest flash news you saw on TV are also good Thanksgiving conversation starters. Just try not to indulge in politics, religion or any topic that can bruise someone’s perspective on things. The last thing you want to happen during Thanksgiving dinner is a clash of beliefs that will lead to a heated debate.

What Else?

Also, take note of their feelings. Don’t ask questions that are too invasive. Never, ever ask something that can touch their personal space like weight, height, and family problems. Keep the conversation general yet light-hearted. It’s better to tackle on topics that promote camaraderie and positivity.

Lastly, keep things interesting! Make sure your partner is still interested. If he or she looks bored or keeps on glancing at his or her, back away a little bit. Once your conversation is done, end it on a pleasant note so that he or she will look forward to your next talk.

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