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Taiwan Nazi Rally Sparks Outrage; School To Receive Less Funding

The recent Taiwan Nazi rally is making headlines and a lot of people are very angry about it. Students dressed as Nazi soldiers while carrying swastika banners created a hurricane of condemnation when people found out about it.

Certainly, it made a lot of people wonder why there are still events like this one. Read on to know more what transpired and why the school even let this happen in the first place.

Taiwan Nazi Rally: How did it happen?

Hsinchu Kuang-Fu, a private high school in Hsinchu City held the Adolf Hitler-centric parade. A report from The China Post revealed that the parade was part of the school’s anniversary celebrations on Friday. Apparently, the school’s theme this year was chosen by the students.

Photos of the event spread like wildfire online and garnered unpleasant reactions from people all over the globe. These included images of students giving the Sieg Heil salute, as well as cardboard tanks displaying the German army insignia.

It was also reported that the unofficial diplomatic missions of Israel and Germany even “issued letters of protest” after finding out about the event. In turn, the school’s principal, Cheng Hsiao-ming resigned after taking responsibility for this deplorable event.

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Taiwan Nazi Rally: Students were ‘unaware’ of Holocaust implications

Ross Feingold, chairman of the Chabad Taipei Jewish Center, said that many people in Taiwan were unaware that there were more than 1,000 Jews living among them, many of them long-term residents with businesses or investments on the island.

“Certainly it’s not meant to be an act of anti-Semitism,” Feingold said. “Holocaust education is extremely limited here.”

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Taiwan Nazi Rally: Participants still face dire consequences

The New York Times also reported that the school is facing grave consequences after staging the Nazi parade. The school issued an apology following Israel’s office condemning the event.

“It is deplorable and shocking that only seven decades after the world witnessed the horrors of the Holocaust, a high school in Taiwan is supporting such an outrageous action,” Israel’s representative office said in a statement. Moreover, the Presidential Office also apologized for the incident, with education authorities vowing to reduce funding to the school as punishment.

In a statement issued in response to the incident, the Presidential Office said the march was “especially disrespectful to the Jewish people’s suffering at the hands of war and represents ignorance toward modern history.”

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