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How To Support Your Girlfriend During ‘Day Without A Woman’

The Day Without A Woman strike will happen on Wednesday, March 8. Organizers encourage women from all walks of life to attend, make a stand and let their voice heard. For men out there who believes in what the women are fighting for, you can also be a part of it, if you want to.

Day Without A Woman: What’s It About?

Organizers of the International Woman’s Day decided to change how this special day is to be celebrated this year. Rather than the usual activities, A Day Without A Woman becomes this year’s main event. According to a USA Today article, the goal of this event is to highlight the injustices women face in their work place, in their homes and communities.

The outlet notes that organizers plan to highlight lower wages, gender discrimination, sexual harassment and job insecurities. Now, if you’re a man who would want to show support to your significant other, there are plenty of ways to do so.

Show Your Support: Wear Red To Work

You can either start small and wear a red shirt. Attendees of the event are asked to wear this color. The source noted that the reason why organizers chose this color is because it represents “revolutionary love and sacrifice.”

If you don’t plan to be at the movement with her, support your girlfriend by owning the usual tasks that she does for your relationship. It can probably be fixing your dinner or the other mundane task that she does to maintain the orderliness in your household. Of course, it does not have to be for just one day.

Join Her On The Day Without A Woman Strike

This third suggestion will probably earn you huge brownie points from your girlfriend: go and join the strike with her. Women tend to be the designated cheerleaders in various events. Why not do it for her this time? Encourage her to take part and surprise her by saying that you will be there for her.

It will be a win-win situation. Taking part in the March 8 Day Without A Woman strike can probably open your eyes to the difficult situations women face in their day-to-day lives. She will definitely love the fact that you are upholding women’s rights. Moreover, you will also have an understanding of her and the other women who want to get the same benefits and rights that they rightfully deserve as human beings.

You can start by checking out the organized rallies in your area and see where are their meeting points. Of course, joining her on this event should not just be for a day. A supportive boyfriend should know that treating a woman right is not just for one day but in every waking day of your life.

Now, go ahead and check if there is a Day Without A Woman within your locality and sign both yourselves up! Thank us later (Oh, you’re welcome).

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