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Sisterly Love Evident At The H&M Paris Fashion Week

Bella and Gigi Hadid showed everyone what sister love is all about. Gigi held her sister’s hand and they confidently walked the runway while Bella’s ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd performed at the same fashion show they were in. Talk about girl power!

Sister Love: A Difficult Relationship To Explain

If you ask a friend or co-worker what it was like for them to grow up with a sister, you’ll either see them wrinkle their nose or smile. This expression conveys the love-hate relationship the sisters have between them.

Your sister is the first best friend you’ve had before you enter school. You have experienced a lot of firsts with your sister, be it the older or younger one. Sisters end up sharing a lot of themselves: clothes, make-up, problems and more.

Lifehack’s article said, having a sister means double of everything. Having an extra closet on days when you think your own set of clothes don’t look good on you. An extra set of makeup that can work to your advantage when you’ve grown tired of your lipsticks and whatnot.

More than the clothes, growing up with a sister means having your own personal adviser to help you with your goals, or to just hold your hand when the going gets tough. Take the sisterly act Gigi did for her younger sister, Bella.

counting toes @bellahadid ?

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Gigi Hadid Saves Sister From An Awkward Moment

E! News reported that ever since Selena Gomez and The Weeknd started dating, the couple and The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend have not crossed paths. It was only until last March 1 when H&M booked the Canadian singer and the fashion model together for their Spring 2017 collection in Paris.

The Weeknd performed on stage while Bella was one of H&M’s models. The outlet noted that Gigi held her sister’s hand throughout the awkward moment. Moreover, the two sisters looked and smiled at one another while they sashayed at the runway with the other models.

The outlet noted that Elle’s Nikki Ogunnaike captured the awkward encounter and captioned the sister love moment that reads: “That look you give your sister and she just knows @bellahadid @gigihadid @hm #pfw”

That look you give your sister and she just knows @bellahadid @gigihadid @hm #pfw

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Sisters can really do almost anything. This is clearly demonstrated on the sister-themed series, Charmed. Remember, the power of three? You or your sister may, more often than not, cause chaos in each other’s lives but when you need someone the most, she will always be there for you whenever you need her.

Similar to what Gigi did, she showed everyone what sister love can do on awkward moments like that and the Hadid sisters nailed it! What are your unforgettable moments with sister(s)? Share them with us!

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