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Silicone Sponge: How It’s Transforming the Beauty Community

There are various beauty trends circulating on the internet. There is over lining the lips, applying a lot of powder under the eyes to help the makeup set, and oval shaped brushes. As the year has come to a close, a new makeup trend is taking over. And it is called the Silicone Sponge.

Many netizens are calling the sponge the “next Beauty Blender”. The Beauty Blender has a cult following among makeup enthusiasts. The blending tool has garnered various awards for being a makeup break-through. Famous makeup artists also admitted that the Beauty Blender is their go-to sponge. Will the Beauty Blender give up its throne for the Silicone Sponge?

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The Silicone Sponge Breakthrough

Also known as the SiliSponge, this tool was created by indie cosmetics brand Molly Cosmetics. According to the website, the sponge is ideal for liquid products like foundation, highlighter, and blush. The sponge has a non-porous silicone surface so it does not absorb any of the cosmetics. Its smooth surface also allows more of the foundation to get on the skin, compared to traditional brushes and sponges.

The website also indicated that cleaning the SiliSponge is very easy. All the user needs to do is rinse the sponge in water and soap then pat-dry for the next application. Like with all cosmetics, the SiliSponge must be replaced once it looks weathered.

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The Reception

The first thing that people noticed about the sponge was its shape. Many have been referring to the sponge as the silicone inserts one might find in a brassiere. However, the hype began when videos were uploaded about how effective the sponge was when blending.

Jeffree Star, who is known for his dramatic looks and own a makeup line, put up a review and demo video of the SiliSponge on his YouTube channel. The renowned guru was amazed at how efficient the sponge was in blending and even recommended the product to his subscribers.

Another beauty guru, Tati also gave her own review regarding the SiliSponge. She has mixed reviews over the sponge because it was great in saving the amount of foundation to be used. But it is not effective in patting the product into the skin.

Will the SiliSponge finally dethrone the Beauty Blender? Or will it fade to popularity like other blending tools?

The Silicone Sponge can be ordered in Molly Cosmetics’ website for $9.90.

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Another benefit of #silisponge is it works well with cushion foundation. No more wastage! #mollycosmetics

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