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Why Sense Of Humor Should Be A Quality To Look Out For In A Guy

When you were younger, you and your girlfriends probably have a long list of qualities that you are looking for in a partner. In your list, you want a guy that’s smart, responsible, rich (maybe) and of course, he should love you every single day. Have you ever thought of adding ‘needs to have a sense of humor’ in that list?

Everyone has a mental list of qualities that they want their partner to have. Some want a man who is smart, while others say, they want their special someone to be financially stable. These are two qualities you’d see in a woman’s list.

Why Sense Of Humor Is Important

While the two qualities mentioned are important, the website says that having a sense of humor should be included in your list. A study shows that for a relationship to succeed, the couple should be able to laugh together.

It’s about just making the other person laugh but it’s the ability to have the shared sense of humor. This study from the University of Kansas concluded that sharing the same sense of humor is beneficial to a relationship. This is because it strengthens your relationship as a couple, which is important.

Having a sense of humor is a quality often overlooked because girls immediately associate it with someone who loves to clown or joke around, it’s not. Having a good sense of humor is about the ability to laugh together but not at each other.

This quality provides a good balance in a relationship. For example, having a laugh watching a cartoon series or an extremely funny viral video (remember the BBC-professor-baby-enters-the-room fiasco). Another would be an inside joke you and your partner share over mundane tasks like household cleaning.

Laugh Together, It’s Good For You!

Laughing together creates that personal bond between you and your partner. Your couple jokes and those funny laundry moments will remind you of how much you love one another.

Still, don’t believe it? Observe your married or ‘in a relationship’ friends deal with their partner especially on their unguarded moments where they share a laugh or two about one another. When you see it happen in real life, you’d realize that it’s those little things or the small joys that make their eyes glimmer.

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Probably, you can review your past relationships and recall what are the fondest moments you have of that relationship. Did it include the inside jokes you shared when you were still together? Don’t forget a person with a great sense of humor is definitely a keeper.

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