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How To Deal With A Rude Tinder Match

In this great age of technology, virtually everything can be accessed through mobile phone apps. Ordering food, booking plane tickets, buying shoes online… name it, and there’s probably already an app to cater to such human desire.

Dating online is not something new, with people even switching from dating websites to apps so they can meet new people. Tinder, as most millennials know it, became an instant hit when it hit Google Play Store and the App store a few years back. However, despite the app being a staple in most singles’ phones, the app has no way of filtering out the polite ones from the rude ones. Better read on to find out how you can save your time from dealing with creepers and jerks on Tinder!

Rude Tinder Match: Don’t Be Like *This* Guy

Recently, reports about a very cringe-worthy Tinder experience made waves on Facebook.  A 24-year-old guy named Nick became an instant star who sparked outrage among  social media users. Judging from his Twitter photo, Nick, who graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, looked like an okay guy. On his Tinder profile, he even mentioned how he “comes with a dog” possibly saying that he’s an easy going person. However, this was not the case when he started talking to an unnamed lady.

At first, their conversation was normal until the woman did not reply right away. He went on to call the girl a “chink” and even made fun at her appearance. Nick even insulted the girl, saying she would “melt in the heat,” implying that she had too much makeup on.

This is where the good side of social media apps come in. Because the world of Tinder is quite small — you do search for people who live nearby, after all — one of their common friends, Kevin Tran, took to Facebook to expose Nick Vedovi’s disgusting personality.

Rude Tinder Match

Screenshot of KevinKTran’s Facebook Post

How To Deal With Rude Tinder Match

Online dating introduces notoriously abusive people, and sometimes you become desensitized to messages that really should be red flags. Most Tinder users are familiar with classic, overt guilting, but you also shouldn’t be subjected to passive-aggressive messages like the “I guess you’re busy” and “?” messages you get.

Worse, some even jump into intimacy so quickly, even if you literally just met a few minutes ago. The moment you feel uncomfortable about talking to someone, do not hesitate to unmatch on Tinder. Don’t wait to feel the awkwardness when you actually go out on a date with him! Unmatch right after you feel even the slightest cringe.

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