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Royals at New Year: How They Majestically Ring in the New Year

Royals at New Year — Does it ever make you wonder how the royal family celebrates New Year’s eve?

While everyone is busy setting up fireworks, preparing a scrumptious meal for family friends, or finding a special person for that special peck just when the clock strikes midnight, do the royals do something special during this time?

Royals at New Year: A majestic way of ringing in the new year

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Pop Sugar recently published a very interesting story on how the royal family celebrates New Year’s eve. We’re used to seeing them in formal galas, black-tie events, and the like. Do they celebrate NYE this way too? Or do they loosen up a bit, but still keep the classiness at an all time high?

Interestingly, each member of the royal family have a distinct way of welcoming the new year. Some travel to faraway places (conjuring images of fairytales indeed!), others host private dinners, while others go out and celebrate it outdoors in the wild.

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Royals at New Year: Everyone celebrates differently

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Each member of the royal family ring in the new year in their own liking. For instance, Pop Sugar’s report mentions how Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip usually host their friends and family over the New Year. Interestingly, it’s also pheasant-shooting season! The royal couple also makes it a point to attend church, and afterwards the Queen kicks off the New Year with a “bracing ride” on one of her beloved horses.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are said to ring in the new year with a warm country house party. Even before she was married to Prince William, Kate and her family would always book a holiday home in Scotland to celebrate the occasion. In fact, Kate’s sister Pippa once even hired a luxurious “tipi-style” kata which is usually used by reindeer herders to prettify the celebration.

Prince Harry

Pop Sugar reports how “eclectic” the younger prince’s tastes can be. When he was a bachelor, he went to the Swiss ski resort with friends, together with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. In 2013, he went to the Crooked Billet pub. Just last year, he went to Los Angeles where holiday romance rumors started making rounds. This time though, many await if Prince Harry will be inviting a special lady to welcome 2017 together.

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla of Cornwall

Reports suggest that after the couple spend separate festivities with their own families, they both head out to the wilds of the Scottish Highlands. The same outlet notes that last year wasn’t much of a celebration for the couple, since a river close to their home “burst its banks and totally destroyed the garden” that Charles spent years restoring to honor his late grandmother.

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