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Rebound Relationships: Can They Ever Work

Rebound relationships are something many people have heard loosely thrown around by recently-single friends. When someone’s newly single, rarely is there a chance for closure; so, many pursue such a type of relationship. This kind of a relationship makes you feel preoccupied after a nasty split. So whether you just got past an ugly break up, or simply want to know if rebound relationships actually work.

Rebound Relationships: How Do You Tell You’re In One?

If you just got out of a relationship, and reuniting back with your ex seems impossible, this type of relationship is the one most people opt for. There’s the difficulty of moving on while the wounds are still fresh, but the innate want to have someone by your side. You’re emotionally frazzled, so ask yourself if you are ready to commit yourself once again.

If you’re still confused, an interesting read from notes that there are several ways to know how you’re a rebound. Tell tale signs like whether you or your partner have recently just been single, or if your conversations are made up of nostalgic moments, prove you are in a rebound relationship. If it feels like you’re rushing, or are just sharing shallow moments together, don’t expect that your relationship will last.

Rebound Relationships: Do They Actually Work?

This type of relationship is only meant to serve as a distraction. You pick a rebound partner because you’re still “hungover” with your last relationship. Others take part in this because they want to avenge themselves emotionally. This could only do more harm in retrospect. It’s a quick fix by avoiding the pain from the breakup but it’s often short-lived.

If you just broke up with someone, don’t rush to find a replacement because you’re lonely. This will only inflict more emotional damage, especially since rebound relationships aren’t meant to last. In the small percentage of relationships that do, those who knew they were rebounds struggled to keep the love and trust.

Hollywood movies probably played a huge part why rebound relationships have become even a choice. Remember that jumping straight to the market right after a breakup will only work if there is no emotional involvement. Then again, that’s only hooking up and it will leave you feeling even lonelier. Keep yourself preoccupied with things that could help you grow as a person. As the famous maxim goes, the best way to get over something is to really just go through it.

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