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What Is It With Millennials And Their Love For Board Games

Today, many establishments are extending their services to provide an area where people can play board games. Restaurants, cafes, diner, or a space dedicated to just playing board games has become very popular among today’s generation. Millennials, most especially, are mostly at the forefront of reviving the old school habit of playing board games. Just like how Pokémon Go became an instant hit to many, what is up with all these board games everywhere and why do millennials love them so much all of a sudden?

Millennials Revive Board Game Culture

Over the past years, the millennial generation have been dubbed as one who explores a lot. From unique interests like calligraphy, or improv, or doing yoga, this generation always had something interesting up their sleeves. With their hobbies continuously changing, one thing seems to stick which they never seem to get tired of: board games! Many people at this age bracket continue to explore new games at game cafes, or kicking it old school and playing it when friends get together.

According to a report from The G Brief, in 2014, board games in the US made a profit of a whopping $880 million in North America alone. Researchers now say that this new medium “faces a stiff competition from video games,” which are more wildly available. So what is it about these cardboard maps and plastic pieces that keeps millennials hooked on them?

Millennials And Their Love For Board Games

Medium describes how millennials love their own version of nostalgia. At a time where revivals, reboots, and “re-imaginings” were plenty, board games were clearly not an exception to the trend. In fact, previous reports dubbed this generation as “the most stressed” one yet, and board games provide respite without asking too much. Simply, it has become a form of escape by taking a trip down memory lane that isn’t too taxing.

Millennials love reliving the past, but with their own personal touch to it. Besides, with the flux of board game interest among many, board game makers are now coming up with even new and zany ones that keep people busy in a good way for a long time.

“Board games have increased in popularity and become more normal, as with other things that were once niche and geeky and that only nerds played,” says Dave Mills, avid board gamer and co-founder of gaming site Dark Cleo Productions.

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