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Millennial Tips: Should You Ditch The ‘Real School’ And Study Online Instead

These days, Millennials pursuing further studies have the benefit of choice. More options are available to students than ever before, especially when it comes to courses offered and platforms of research. But one option that still raises question marks is that of the online degree, mainly because of the stigma surrounding it. Here are some millennial tips for those wondering about the pursuit of further studies online.

Online Degrees Are Getting More Accepted

Back around 2009, people who held an online degree still carried a negative image. That’s because, over the last several years, several dubious “diploma mills” have come up online. Those are businesses whose aim is to churn out degrees and get their hands on your money, without much real concern for the quality of your education. Conventional wisdom stated that online degrees were not “real” degrees, and were then disregarded.

But in recent times, as accreditation comes into play, online degree holders are shedding that stigma. Now, there are bodies that properly identify legitimate online institutions from those money-grab schools. Some major schools have extended their learning platforms to the online realm as well. These days, you’re able to pick up a degree from the likes of MIT, Stanford, and John Hopkins University.

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“It is so much more accepted today,” says Susan Fontana, regional vice president of recruiting firm Manpower. She cites also how online diploma holders manage to earn their degree while other commitments are on their plate: “When you think about balancing a job and the needs of a family with school, that says a lot about the discipline of a person.”

Mary Massad of outsourcing service Insperity also observes the change of attitude that employers have for online degree holders. About 75% of her clients now welcome those studied online.

As for the other 25%, however, tradition is pretty firm: “There are people who are very resistant and very traditional in the way they perceive an online degree. For some, it’s just deeply embedded in the way they think.”

Millennial Tips: Misconceptions About Studying Online

If that convinced you to gun for an online course, you still have to mind the following misconceptions:

One, earning an online degree is no easier than any other degree. A properly accredited and reputable online institution will still put you through rigorous standards of learning and require you to complete the credits needed for a degree.

And secondly, you won’t be left to your own devices. Online institutions provide resources, like online libraries, while making sure you’re in constant communication with your professors and even classmates. For those worried they’ll be in it alone, don’t be.

Any more millennial tips for further studies of your own? Let’s hear about them in the comments below.

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