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Why I Didn’t Marry My Best Friend

I always hear a lot of married couples tell their guests how happy they are that they married their best friend. Marrying their best friend made life easier to deal with because they found someone who understands them – quirks and all.

Marry Someone Who Can Excite You

For me, I did not marry my husband because he’s my best friend. I married him because I saw a great future ahead of us and our relationship excites both of us every single day. You see, we complement each other in a lot of ways, but still remain different. He’s into Rock and Techno music while I’m more of your R&B and Jazz kind of gal. I know I just cite music as an example, but I just want to demonstrate that being different makes our married life exciting.

I am not sure if we all have the same definition of what a best friend is. However, I think we should not marry ours. Imagine having the same interests, the same taste in movies and maybe even the same workout music! I don’t think I can live in an environment where everything around me agrees with me.

Some may find it weird, but you see in our almost 10 years of being married, the sense of mystery and excitement is still very much part of our relationship. Not knowing one another since we were toddlers lets us retain a certain mystery in us. I know there are still a lot of interesting qualities that I don’t know of my husband and vice versa. We keep discovering that as days go by and I love the thrill of finding it out.

Marrying My Best Friend Is Like Marrying Myself

Some of you may disagree and I understand. We all have our own mottos in life that we follow, I respect that. However, for me, I love the idea that the person whom I marry does not only excite me but I also see him as someone who I can grow old with.

Someone who puts me and my needs first before his. I don’t think my best friend will ever do that to me with the same passion that my husband does. So, if you ask me why didn’t I marry my best friend? To be honest, I don’t think we would fit in the long run.

It will feel like marrying myself but in a different body. In finding a life partner, you need to realize that it’s about compatibility, chemistry, and connection. The other traits to make your relationship stronger as a married couple will be developed in the long run.

At this point in time, I am happy that my best friend and my husband are two different people and not just one. My world is in a perfect balance!

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