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Why You Should Love An Egotistical Man

I know what you’re thinking. You’re here looking for relationship tips and you stumble upon this article. Who would even dare love an egotistical man? The thought is crazy. A relationship with an egotistical man is crazy. It’s so crazy that if you just think about it for a second, it could be possible. The relationship might even work. Why? Read on below to find out.

Relationship Tips: He’s A Softie

Relationship tips say you should get to know your man better. Well, if you have and you find out your man has an ego the size of a mountain, chances are he’s actually a softie. He hides behind his ego but actually cowers when confronted about it. They’re not at all brave. Their ego only makes them look like they do.

I’ve heard soft men are cute. So if you want to date a softie, date an egotistical man.

He Actually Lacks Any Kind Of Sense

An egotistical man’s greatest attribute is his mouth. He’ll be spewing tons of things that you’re going to be left sitting there thinking “what?” most of the time.

Most of what he’ll be saying won’t make a lot of sense. So if you’re already dating a guy with a big ego, know that you can actually win fights against him. Listen carefully to what he’s going on about and you’ll find that he’s not making any sense. This is where you come in and give him facts. Give him straight hard facts and he’ll be left speechless wondering about them. That, or they’re too slow to pick up on things.

So if you’re the type to want to win in any argument, an egotistical man is for you.

He’s Alone

Doesn’t that make you go “awww”? An egotistical man probably does not have any true friends and all of his dates find him repulsive. He’s so alone that his ego is his only companion.

Be the partner he needs. Be his rock and his strength. If you’re looking for someone who doesn’t have any jealous ex-girlfriends hounding after him or someone who doesn’t have people to hang out with during the weekend and has all the time for you, then (you got that right) date an egotistical man.

There are no redeeming qualities in dating a man with a huge ego. But if you’re crazy enough to try these relationship tips, go ahead. Let us know how that works out for you.

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