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Why I Let My Boyfriend Love Games More Than Me

My boyfriend loves games more than me. He hasn’t said those exact words but I can tell. When we’re chilling at home, he whips out his phone and starts playing Boom Beach. Whenever I ask him what he’s doing still at the office after hours, he says he’s playing Counter-Strike with the guys (and gals). When we’re at the mall, his eyes linger at a video game store and we’d spend some time in there before actually getting to where we’re supposed to go.

Believe it or not, I don’t mind and here’s why you shouldn’t too. If your boyfriend loves games, then that’s actually a good thing. You might find this surprising but there are number of reasons why that’s considered a pro rather than a con.

My Boyfriend Loves Games More Than Me. So What?

In all honesty, that shouldn’t really be a problem. “But my boyfriend loves games more than me.” So what? That’s not any different than you loving books or loving clothes and shopping more. So why should your boyfriend playing games bother you so much?

Besides, if your boyfriend loves playing video games, then that probably happened even way before he met you. So why should you take something he loves away from him just because you came around?

Respect what he enjoys doing and he’ll respect what you enjoy doing the most too. Why? Because at the end of the day, he comes back to you anyway. He may look like he loves playing video games more than being with you, but that’s actually a lie. He loves you more.

Sense Of Security

You may think this strange, but a boyfriend who loves video games has a high chance he won’t be able to cheat on you. How so? For starters, he’s too busy playing than go out there to flirt with some girl.

Think about it. Where would he have the time to cheat behind your back when his eyes are too busy monitoring his own turf and what not. So really, if you’re worried about infidelity or your guy hooking up romantically with someone else, that’s not going to be a problem. He’ll have a number of girl crushes like Lunafreya but that’s just about it. And are you really going to be jealous on an animated girl?

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join Them

If you’re truly bothered about it, then why not join him? It doesn’t have to be the hard core games he loves. Your boyfriend will even be pleased you’d think of him to go to if you want to learn some game.

There are actually a number of games for couples. There’s Love In A Dangerous Spacetime where you both work together to protect your spaceship (a very cute game). Or if the both of you like creepy things, you can try out Don’t Starve Together.

Not all games have to be bloody and gory and filled with action. Although if that suits your taste as well then why not try that out too? The point is, getting on your boyfriend’s interest is actually fun. You’ll never know but he might jump on your interests too.

In the end, it’s nice to just leave him be with his games. Besides, having a relationship doesn’t mean that the both of you have to do everything together. It’s not a healthy one if the both of you breathe down on each other’s necks all the time.

A real relationship is supporting what the other loves and enjoys doing provided none of your safety and health is compromised. If you think what he has is addiction rather than enjoyment or just a way to de-stress himself, then that’s another story.

So don’t worry and go “What if my boyfriend loves games more than me?” because that probably isn’t the case. In reality, he loves you just as much too.

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