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Insta Lie: How To Stop Lying On Instagram Before You Get Burned

Everyone is guilty of lying on social media at one point. That fabulous salad you said you just made? That was actually your mom’s hard work. That beautiful snap of a beach you just shared? Well, that was actually from a stopover you made, so quick you did not even get to sink your toes in the sand!

Today’s generation has become obsessed with likes and shares that it comes as no surprise the lengths people go just so they can have society’s nod. Living authentically has become a passing fad — “This Is Me” is reduced to a hashtag.

Alarmingly, to become mini-celebrities in our own heads has become a trend. This is harmless now, but in the long run, quite scary. Dubbed “Insta Lie,” it has become so pervasive that sometimes people find it hard to draw the line. Stop before you seriously get hurt.

Insta Lie: Seriously, Stop Lying On Instagram

It’s so easy to feel the pressure when your friends are sharing how awesome their life is. However, you don’t need to lie to feel appreciated. The habit of lying just to show off is so bad that there now is a term for it. Insta Lie, as the words easily suggest, is the act of lying on Instagram just because you want others to see the wonderful life you’re having.

Now, everyone is so cautious about what they post online. It’s not even close to being worried about privacy, but actually it’s the other way around. Let’s say you want to upload a selfie. No matter how cringe-worthy that sounds like, other people actually take time to make sure they look good before taking that snap. When you think you want to share that with the rest of the world, you even add the hashtag #wokeuplikethis, when in reality, it took you a good 30 minutes to prep for that shot. Why do you even do that?

Still think you haven’t Insta lied in your life? Check out the video below:

Insta Lie: Instagram Makes You Judge People

Everyone wants a good life. But lying to make people gush over how awesome your fake life is, is just distasteful. Not to mention, not as satisfying as you think!

Researchers say though that people are propelled to create an “alternative” version of themselves even if it’s only on the digital space. Well, of course it’s not bad if you make Instagram something like your vision board. But to pretend that you live a certain way will only take minutes before friends talk about you, in a bad way. Heck, scrap what people think, we’re pretty sure it’s not good to feel like a fraud at all!

Be Creative, Live Authentically, Then Get The Life You Want!

Be creative. Share your ideas. But stop pretending, because it will only backfire in the long run. You’ll look at your Instagram feed with such envy, wishing your life was truly like the way you wanted it to be. Worse, stop putting those hashtags just so your friends can have a good impression on your life. Do what makes you happy and you start by living an authentic life.

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