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Here’s How To Be Human Under Donald Trump Presidency

Donald Trump winning the presidency last November 2016 still comes as quite a shock to many even to this day. He’s nearing his third month in office and has made more enemies with his words and actions. He has even lost supporters, as tweeted by many on social media.

With what’s going on these days, from targeting the transgender community and restraining immigrants and refugees among others, it does dampen spirits seeing as America was supposed to be a free country. So how do you beat the negativity? How do you become “human” under Trump’s presidency?

Speak Up Against Donald Trump

Don’t be silent about the things happening under Donald Trump’s term in office. Speak up about it. If you feel strongly against the things he’s implementing, well, you’re not the only one.

There are thousands of voices speaking up against most of the issues Trump is raising. The internet is filled with many of them. If you think that posting your thoughts on social media doesn’t help, it does. It’s just as powerful as being out there, rallying and protesting.

Likewise, going out on the streets to protest is also a way of speaking up against Trump. The recent Women’s March was a great example on how to get your message across loud and clear. In addition, rallying can also be peaceful as seen in that march. So speak up what you find uncomfortable. It’s better than keeping it all in.


Educating others is free. If someone has some misconception about a certain thing, you can educate them on what’s right. Keep your eyes on real news as well to keep yourself updated.

But remember, do it with respect. Do not push your beliefs into someone else. People may find this intimidating if you go at them harshly. Educate with respect and in turn, people will also treat you with the same thing.


Fighting for what you believe in is what makes someone human. So if you see someone being oppressed, someone being treated with disrespect, someone being racist, it helps if you come to their aid and show them you’ve got their backs.

Everything doesn’t get published in the news these days. Sometimes, oppression happens in your surroundings as well without any cameras to capture them or a journalist to report it. So if you see someone being bullied because of their religion, what they wear and their gender, fight alongside them. This does not mean to become violent. This means to just stick up for them as these people only need someone’s support

Do you have any more ideas to share on how to become human in a country that is led by Donald Trump? Let us know below.

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