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How To Stay Safe When Taking Uber Alone

There’s this notion that getting an Uber ride is the safest way to commute around your area. Well, not always. As with other ways of commuting around the city such as using cabs and buses, getting a ride from this private transportation company can be just as unsafe too.

It could be the drivers’ fault or the passenger themselves. It could be other outside sources too. But just as well, below are some tips you could take to ensure you’ll have a safe ride.

Know Your Uber Driver

Uber rides are advertised as safe since every move your driver makes from fetching you to bringing you to your destination is recorded. Likewise, the passenger’s details are also saved so in case anything happens to you, your data and transaction is recorded as well.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you should rely solely on the company’s app. Before getting in your ride, make sure the driver and plate number of the car matches that of the record in your app. Ask for the driver’s name when you get inside too. Stuff like these may seem pretty simple, but it’s helpful to double-check whether your ride is the same one you got on the app.

Wait For Your Ride Indoors

It’s advisable not to wait for your requested ride out on the streets. You can stay indoors and monitor your ride’s distance via your phone instead. The app shows where your driver is so you can head out to meet your ride once it alerts you of their arrival.

Let Someone Know

Let your friends or family know where you are. This practice has been done even before while people were taking cabs. It’s best to let your friends and family know that you’ve taken the ride and are en route to your destination. Let them know the basic details such as the driver’s name, plate number and where you are.

The app also has a “Send Status” option you can choose. It sends a photo of the driver, name, vehicle details and your location to a family member or friend and lets them know if you’ve arrived safely. They don’t need to download the app for them to receive the status.

Everything basic you need to know about staying safe while requesting for a ride from them is given above. But for more Uber safety tips, you can check them out on their website.

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