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Here’s How To Love Yourself With Or Without Thigh Gaps

“Love your body” is such a powerful statement that we often see these days. However, body positivity is not something everyone enjoys. Iskra Lawrence and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Hunter McGrady, and many more out there have told us why we should, but it’s still a bit challenging to do.

Body positivity is a popular term these days. Miss Canada showed everyone at the Miss Universe 2017 pageant that there is nothing wrong if you don’t have a size zero body. Being curvy and voluptuous is acceptable.

Just Love Yourself, Your Flaws!

Despite plus-size models coming out and being outspoken about their size preference, a lot of young women still hate the fact that they do not have the Victoria Secret models’ thigh gaps or that they are a size eight or 10 instead of a four or six. Rather than sulk for not having the norm’s perfect figure, Health reports that Aerie model Iskra Lawrence recently took the stage at a TEDx event and talked about body positivity.

One of the great takeaways the outlet notes, on Lawrence’s talk titled Ending the Pursuit of Perfection, is the value of self-love. The young model said, “The most important relationship in our lives is the one we have with ourselves.” Lawrence also talked about speaking to your body in a loving way and giving it the respect it rightfully deserves.

Be amazed at what your body can do, no matter the size

Another positive tip is to start appreciating your body. Everyone undergoes changes in their body and we should accept it. Remember love your body first and the rest of the world will appreciate it. The Aerie model said, “We need to stop trying to embrace perfection because we’re good enough already.”

Don’t let social media or brushed-up photos tell you otherwise.

On the other hand, Fox News reports that Hunter McGrady loves her curvy body more than ever. In her interview with People Magazine, McGrady said, Right now I sit at a 14/16, and I love it because this is my God-given body.”

The outlet notes that McGrady debuted as Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in the magazine’s February edition. The curvy model said that her appearance in Sports Illustrated is monumental not only for her, but for every woman out there.

“I just want women to see this and feel inspired and feel sexy and feel like they can own their body and own their skin,” said McGrady. Do not be hard on your body. It’s the only one you’ve got and you have to love it with or without the much-coveted thigh gaps.

Not everything in social media is real. According to the initial report, Lawrence thinks of it as “a curated, filtered, often airbrushed, and sometimes even lifestyle illusion.”

Love your body and enjoy life. Go ahead, face that mirror and start affirming every scar, every stretch mark you have in your body. It’s never too late!

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