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Now You Can Go on a Game of Thrones Tour

JICYMI, Game of Thrones tours are getting more popular with the show gaining even more followers to date. Apart from the gripping storyline, another factor fans love about the show is its beautiful locations. From bright sunny fields to daunting caves, Game of Thrones fans have always marveled at the postcard-worthy vistas they see on their screens every time an episode airs.

Thanks to today’s innovative ideas, fans can now visit the iconic set locations featured on the show. For instance, Captivating Croatia specifically planned out a tour specifically for Game of Thrones fans.

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Travel company Captivating Croatia prepared a seven-day itinerary to visit Thrones sets. The travel plan includes visiting King’s Landing (where the King of the Seven Kingdoms reside), Gardens of Qarth (aka the “Greatest City that Ever Was or Will Be”), Meereen (where Daenerys freed the slaves and fought tyrants), and many more.

While there are other tour operators providing similar packages, Captivating Croatia’s itinerary particularly stands out. Go trekking into the old growth forests, or if you’re feeling edgy, go into deep dark caves, similar to where Daenerys’s dragons were kept.

Game of Thrones tour

Photo from Captivating Croatia’s official website

Game of Thrones Tour Details

Captivating Croatia provides tours all year round but bookings must be made ahead of time to provide ample opportunity for traveling guests. CDN notes that the company only accommodates 14 travelers per schedule.

The actual set locations may not look the same when travelers get there, but that’s nothing to be worried about. The magic of visual effects and computer graphics are to be blamed, but it’s still the very same site where Jon Snow was once, or where Daenerys Targaryen uttered the powerful “Dracarys.”

Each travel program is customized in a way that allows travelers to mix and mingle with locals. One of the guides will also be a dedicated photographer.  They will not only describe the locations but also provide tips on getting the best possible pictures.

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