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How To Forgive A Cheater Without Getting Back Together

Despite reading a lot of dating tips and advice about relationships, nothing can prepare you from a partner who cheats. The pain of finding out that your presence is not enough. Is there still a chance for you to forgive?

After years of being together, you find out that he’s cheating on you. Several events of missed anniversaries and other meaningful celebrations immediately flashes right before your eyes. Instantaneously, you remember every reason he had on why he can’t make it.

Because of this discovery, you have made a decision to shut him out of your life, immediately. Your five or 10 years together felt like a lie. Your friends try to console you but the pain just won’t go away. How do you deal with this situation? Can you still forgive? Yes, you can.

Forgive So You Can Move Forward

In order for you to move forward from this painful relationship, you have to forgive your partner. It will be difficult at first but learning and accepting your faults in the relationship will be a life lesson that you will help you in the future.

Forgiving means you are ready to start anew with your life, sans your partner. It is going to be a bold move but it will definitely be worth it. Remember, the scars we endure in our life is what makes us stronger.

Moving On And Getting Over

Cheating is a major sin in every kind of relationship. The trust, the time, and the love you have invested in making the relationship work sometimes make you think twice about leaving your partner. Remember, you don’t need to stay just because you feel bad for those wasted years.

Move on with your life. After forgiving your partner with this misdeed, you also have to forgive yourself. Do not harbor any bitterness on both sides because sometimes it just has to happen so that both of you can realize the importance of a commitment and of one’s self.

Forgive is only seven letters, two syllables, but it’s very difficult to say. Most especially when you are the grieving party. In time, you will understand why it has to happen.

Of course, forgiveness is only given to people who asked for it. When you do find it in your heart to forgive your partner, for his or her wrongdoing, make sure you let them know and understand the pain they caused you. This will also help them in their future relationships to not take things for granted.

What about you, do you have any dating tips for people who have been cheated on? Share your thoughts with us!

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