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Failing At Life: How To Get Back Up When Everyone Thinks You Cannot

Failing at life is part of the normal human process. Almost every success story of entrepreneurs, authors, artists, and chefs will tell you that they failed more than once before achieving their place in the industry. Some find it easy to dust themselves up and start over, but for others, it takes a while.

We, as humans, do not like the word failure and the meaning it connotes. Some cringe or shake their heads when it crops up in their conversations. We try to avoid this topic as much as we can, not because we don’t want to talk about it but it’s like stepping on eggshells: feelings get hurt and at times, relationships get damaged.

Failing At Life Is Normal

Failing can happen in almost all aspects of our life. It can be in our relationship, our career or our personal development. We set goals in order to reach the top of the ladder of success. Though we may have reached half the ladder, failure makes us take two steps back or at times, it brings us back to where we started.

However we should not get demotivated, Thought Catalog’s Ashlee Schultz says failure is just an illusion. Moreover, her definition reads: “an idea that we get stuck on when we compare ourselves from the perspective of where we are versus where we want to be.”

Schultz likened failure as a temporary place for a man to rest. When we fail, we shouldn’t just hold our hands up and shout, ‘I give up!’ instantly. We should try to assess all the possible angles why we failed and start working on another plan to be a success.

Yes, failure makes you question everything. However, LifeHack’s Anna Chui says one should accept the fact that everyone fails in life, but the secret to overcoming failure is not to give up.

Not Failing Means You’re Not Growing

The outlet notes of Think Rich author H. Stanley Judd’s thoughts about failure. According to him, we should not waste covering up for our failures. It’s done and it happened already. The only way to move back up is to learn from your failures and move on to the next challenge.

Moreover, Judd said, “if you are not failing, you are not growing.” True enough, we should not give up when life throws a curve ball at us. We should always fight hard.

The initial report notes we just need to trust the process and fight with all our heart. Later in life, when you are enjoying the fruits of your success, your scars will remind you the battles you fought to reach your place. Failing at life will be the bittersweet story you will never get tired of telling.

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