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How To Deal With Disgustingly Sexist Comments In The 21st Century

It’s 2017. If you’re still throwing sexist comments lightly, you should know better by now no one’s going to let you live that down. Females and people who know better have learned how to fight for themselves, especially when sexist lines are being thrown at their face.

But sadly, it still exists. What’s even worse is that people don’t have the guts to speak up or defend themselves. Not because they don’t want to or because they’re scared. But it’s because some of them are immune to these sexist lines or think that if they ignore them enough, they’ll just go away. Well, here’s why you shouldn’t let it pass and how to deal with them in this day and age.

Speak Up Against Sexist Comments

There’s a reason why sexist comments are still being thrown in women’s faces. That’s because a majority of women don’t speak up about it. Again, it’s not because they’re scared, even though some are truly bothered. Because sexist phrases can be a casual occurrence in the work place or in anyone’s surroundings, some have mastered the art of playing deaf and even blind.

Mind you, it’s not only males who can make sexist comments. Other females can look down at others who do not fit “the girl” of their standards.

Speaking up against such comments changes that. When you point out a comment yourself and actually call them out for it, you’re raising awareness that it’s not okay. It’s a small thing, but if enough girls do that, or all women do that, it can bring about a huge change within the society.

Speak up against being called weak or dumb because you’re a girl. Do this every single time you heard it thrown your way or at another girl. You’re letting them know that you’re not tolerating such words any longer. Being told you’re not girl enough? Or that you’re such a good girl? If they make you uncomfortable, say so. You do not have to play nice – point out how dumb (for the lack of a more accurate term) they’re being.

Educate Them

Sometimes, sexist lines or jokes are said because of how casual it has become or because people who use them don’t even know they’re offensive. This is where you come in. Educate them and tell them exactly why it’s offensive.

Use simple examples for them to understand. Cite their female friends, family, or mothers. Hopefully, some of them actually understand them and stop using such comments. But if not, then do know that it’s not your problem. It’s theirs.

Drop Them

Do you have friends who throw sexist lines at you? Drop them. You’ve already spoken up against it. You’ve already educated them. And yet, there you are, still hanging out with them. There’s something wrong with that picture.

It all boils down to respect. If they can’t respect your worth, then why are you even hanging out with them in the first place? In time, they’ll get why it’s derogatory to use sexist lines on you. But don’t stick around for that to happen. You deserve respect and you’re not getting it from the people around you. So drop them and find others who know your worth.

There are millions of people who actually know the value of gender equality already – we bet they’ll be great to hang out with! Males and females can do things differently but can be equally capable, strong, and perfect – what’s so difficult about getting this? If your peers find this hard to get, then by all means, walk away.

Is dropping your “friends” harsh? Well, just think of the amount of times you’ve had to endure sexist words. You’re making a big change just by sticking up for yourself. Like Iratxe Garcia Perez here from Spain who spoke up against being called “less intelligent” and “weak”. You may view the video of this exchange below.

Row erupts over lawmaker's sexist comments

"I am here to defend all European women from men like you." A debate over sexism erupted in the European Parliament when a lawmaker made sexist remarks

Posted by CNN on Thursday, March 2, 2017

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