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Dating Tips: How To Deal With A Clingy And Jealous Boyfriend

So, your boyfriend seems like he’s latching on to you a little more than he needs to be. Don’t get us wrong – we know he loves you, and you love him. You chose each other; you don’t need any dating tips to know that much. But let’s say that, these days, his presence starts to feel a little overbearing, and he’s starting to come off as even a little jealous or over-controlling. What’s kind of dating tips can a girl turn to, then?

If you know right away that the baggage is not worth bringing around, you’ll know. Instinct will tell you right away not to deal with it. But for those who want to patch things up – and build the relationship up to something better than before – then read on.

Figure Out The Problem

As mentioned by the women of, you’ll make plenty of strides by first figuring out where the problem is. After all, that’s the best way to always get rid of a problem: you weed it out by its roots.

Your boyfriend’s jealousy may be his insecurities manifesting in some form. Did he have some trouble feeling accepted by friends or family when he was younger? Did he every go through a bad betrayal, therefore creating deep-seated trust issues?

Make it your job to listen to him and what he was to say; determine the problem not just by your own guesswork. Talk to him and get there together – and remember to do it assertively without being aggressive or confrontational. A relationship is built on trust: you’re likely to get it from him, if you show him a little bit of it too.

Remember that being clingy and a little possessive often arises out of fear. He’s afraid that – because of something that he is, or does – you might leave him brokenhearted. Address the fear or insecurity, and you address the jealousy.

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How To Handle It

Here are some dating tips you can follow to put your boyfriend’s possible insecurities at ease, as suggested by Paired Life. One, allow him to meet your male friends (not exes, though – that’s a different matter). Once he’s assured of who your other male friends are, he’s likely to feel more at ease when you’re in their presence without him. He’ll be less likely to let his imagination run wild that things are happening behind his back.

Verbal affirmations are great, too. Tell him how lucky you are to have him. Compliment his looks. Let him know out loud how much you appreciate the things he does for you.

If you combine these two tips – complimenting him in the presence of your friends, or even his friends – you’ll be spiking his confidence. That may encourage a change in his attitude to give you more breathing room.

Any dating tips or suggestions of your own? Hit us in the comments below and let us hear them.

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