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Dating Tips: How To Deal With A Girl Who Cannot Take Rejection Well

Dating someone shouldn’t be stressful. But it is, especially when you’ve been rejected way too many times. There are insecurities one has to deal with when dating should just be fun. There are so many dating tips that say a lot about what to do while dating or being in a relationship with someone. But not how to deal with a girl who cannot take rejection well.

Here are a few tips you can do to deal with a girl like this. They’re all simple and very much self explanatory. But we’ll guide you through them just the same. Remember, boys and girls are wired differently. They view rejections and explanations differently.

Dating Tips: Be Honest

Everyone has different ways of seeing rejection. But one thing’s for sure, it’s an unpleasant feeling. Put yourself in his or her shoes and think before even starting a date with them what it would feel like to be rejected. You wouldn’t feel that great either, right? Girls seemingly feel worse, although we do not want to stereotype.

So be honest. That’s probably the easiest thing and helpful thing you can do. If you think this first date isn’t going anywhere or you can’t see it going somewhere down the line, tell her upfront after the first date that this is the last. You let her down easy and nicely. It’s going to hurt of course, but it’s respectful NOT to string girls along. In addition, saying it immediately means she will not get to spend time with you at all, so it does not hurt all the more!

She’ll appreciate you for being honest. Sure she’ll feel bad about it, but in the end, she’ll think of you as a nice person for not leading her on.


Don’t make fun of her for not taking rejection so well. She knows that. She’s dealt with it way too many times. There may not be anything you can do to get rid of that feeling for her but there is something you can do to help her with it.

Respect her. Don’t laugh at her inability to get over a rejection. Empathize with her. She’ll respect you too for helping her deal with it. Do this without giving mix signals.

In relation to this, never spread rumors about the girl. You already rejected her, she’s hurt. Your ego probably got a boost, but this does not give you the right to talk about how bad she got it for you. If the situation is reversed, you will not want that either.

“It’s Not You. It’s Me.”

A lot of times, that really is the case. People find a hard time dealing with rejection because they never know the reason why they were rejected in the first place. They think it’s their fault or they did something to let the date go stale. But it’s really just you. Either you were only up for this date because you wanted to try it out again but in the end, you’re still not ready. Or it’s some other reason that clearly has to do with you, not her.

So let her now. Give her reasons and explanations. She’ll appreciate that.

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