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Dating Tips: How To Deal With A Clingy And Jealous Girlfriend

One moment, your girlfriend’s sweet and affectionate. The next, she’s controlling. After a nice evening together, she loses her temper when you tell her you wanna hang out with the boys. Do you feel that she controls everything about your relationship, more so your life? Have you ever thought about telling her something else just so she won’t get upset? If the girl you’re with is anything like that, buddy, she’s being demanding and you need to fix that. A clingy and jealous girlfriend is not something for the long haul. It won’t take long before you two break up.

Dating Tips: How Do I Know If My Girlfriend Is Being Clingy?

Often, it’s cute if a girl shows that iconic pout when you tell her you want to do something else instead of spend time with her. It goes to show that she wants both of you to spend more time together. But be careful, you might be starting a detrimental trend of just living life as if you were the only people on Earth.

For instance, if you invite her over to hang out with your friends, or enjoy dinner with your family yet she declines because she only wants the two of you to spend eternity, better think it through. Guys and gals dating a clingy partner raises red flags because it hurts your relationships with other people. Just because you’re committed to someone now, doesn’t mean you need to forget the rest of the people outside your relationship. If you feel choked, as if you want to take a breather away from just the two of you, this is a clear sign that your girlfriend is being clingy.

Understanding the psychology of needy women and knowing your woman’s attachment style can reveal a lot about her psychological issues and help you determine whether or not she’s worth dating.

Dating Tips: If You Have An Overly Jealous Girlfriend, Be Warned

Jealousy in a relationship can turn out ugly and lead to breaking up when it goes out of control. The earlier you pick up the problem of jealousy, the easier it will be to deal with. Be wary of some obvious signs that your girlfriend is being unhealthily jealous of everything else in your life.

Is she threatening to break up with you just because you want to spend time with your childhood friend who’s in town? Does she think that you’re doing something sketchy when you say you’re staying late at work? A girlfriend who casts too much doubt on you means she’s very insecure. You shouldn’t be taking the blows and you’ll need to have “the talk” with her soon so you know if the relationship is worth keeping or not.

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