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Continuing To Love And Wait When Your Boyfriend is Commitment Weary

Let’s be real. If your boyfriend is commitment weary, isn’t it high time you should call it quits and find someone else who is interested in having a future with you? He’s clearly not ready to settle down and tie the knot and you aren’t sure for how long you’re supposed to wait.

But then again, that idea sounds easier said than done, isn’t it? Besides, the both of you have gone through so much together. If you’re looking for reasons to continue waiting for your man to get down on one knee and finally pop that question, you may want to read these tips.

Commitment Weary? Find Out Why

There’s always a “why” in a commitment weary boyfriend. Why is he afraid of committing? Is it because he once experienced getting cheated on? Is it because his friends are making fun of him for it? Or is it because he’s just simply not ready?

Analyze the “why”. There might be reasons that you’re not aware of and the both of you can work on it together. The “why” can usually solve this problem and can slowly help deepen your relationship with each other.

Don’t Pressure Him

That’s what they hate the most. The constant nagging. The obvious signs of showing him what house you want and how many children you want to have. Sure it’s nice to talk about these things and let him have a glimpse of the future with you. But let him have just that. A glimpse and nothing more.

If you’ve mentioned it to him once and he has commitment issues, chances are that it’s already stuck in his head. So you don’t want to constantly remind him about it. He’ll only feel pressured and that’s going to put a strain on your relationship.

Check Out The Signs

A number of people who have boyfriends that have commitment issues don’t know the signs that they’re dating one. There are so many telltale signs that you should watch out for so as not to set you up for heartbreak. A few include him not introducing you to his parents and friends, leaving after a night with you and the way you can’t seem to figure out what he feels. If you’re finding a guy to settle down with, then avoid men who give off signs like these.

Most importantly, know your worth. If your commitment weary boyfriend has not included you in his future plans, then know that it’s a sign you should move on. Yes, it’s easier said than done. But you’ll thank yourself in the end for not sticking around much longer.

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