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How To Confront A Boyfriend Who Emotionally Blackmails You For Sex

Your boyfriend or an ex-boyfriend contacts you out of the blue saying he wants to have sex with you. Saying no gets him agitated and he instantly tries to blackmail you with stuff he claims he has. He says he’ll continue to do so until you concede. At this point, you’re scared and you don’t know what to do.

Many people out there are getting emotionally blackmailed for sex. First thing this article wants you to know is you’re not alone. There are plenty of ways to deal with this and here are just a few you can get started on that might be of help.

Saying No

It’s the easiest and scariest thing to do. But it’s also a start. Saying no to sex that you obviously do not want to engage in is your right and something you should express. People sometimes are not able to say no because they’re embarrassed to say it out loud or they’re scared to. But if you flat out tell someone “no”, it already gives off a vibe that you’re fighting for yourself. Believe it or not, that can throw a boyfriend or an ex off and they’ll know they can’t mess with you.

Find it within yourself to say no. This can be of great help

Inform The Authorities

This one may take a lot of guts to do, especially when you’re already scared. But know that the authorities have your back because blackmail is a criminal offense. Not a lot of people know this but one can be imprisoned for up to a year for blackmail. This depends on the severity of the case but some states and countries can sentence a person for years.

If you have enough evidence, gather them and report your boyfriend. Involve the authorities so you may be free from this emotional torment.

Let Someone Know

If you’re not up to sharing this with the authorities, let your friends or family know. This can be even scarier than letting the authorities know. There is always this fear of having the people you love know all these things about you that you’re embarrassed about.

But try to have one or two people close to you know what you’re going through. Let them know about the blackmail and the person behind it. It helps share these things and chances are, they’ll help you get out of it too.

Do Something About It

In the end, do something about it. Don’t sit around and let your boyfriend continue to blackmail you and use you. Find the courage to stand up for yourself. He may not even have any damaging stuff he’s been claiming. And even if he has, you have to think if it’s worth keeping it from the world or you’re better off without it.

A lot of people make mistakes. But don’t let it stay that way. Saying no is a start and you’ll slowly find the courage to deal with this in the end.

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