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Study Says Best Age To Get Married Is 26, Here’s Why That’s Absurd

With Valentine’s just having ended, thoughts about love and marriage have surrounded people. Interestingly, reports are now saying that the best age to get married has finally been revealed. Experts confidently just exposed that the perfect age to settle down is when you’ve hit the 26th year in your life. We honestly find that pretty absurd, and we’ll tell you why below!

New Studies Suggest Best Age To Get Married Is 26

According to a report from Business Insider, scientist Tom Griffiths and journalist Brian Christian reveals the reason to this in their book Algorithms To Live By: The Computer Science of Human Decisions. In it, the authors first explain what The 37% Rule is. That is, when someone “needs to screen a range of options in a limited amount of time.”

The rule applies to finding new homes, looking for work, and ultimately, selecting potential romantic partners. Griffiths and Christian claims that “the best time to make a decision is when you’ve look at 37% of those options” which happens when a person reaches his or her 26th birthday (accordingly, 37% into the 22-year span) if you’re looking to settle down between the age of 18 and 40.

If a person decides to get engaged before that age, the authors claim that people tend to “miss out on higher-quality partners” that you could meet in the future. Similarly, if you make a decision post your 26th birthday, your chances of finding a good match will just continue to decrease.

Thinking That There Is A Perfect Age To Get Married Is Absurd

Frankly, no one should dictate based upon statistics the ideal age to get married. People experience something new everyday, and relationships based on the cold logic of math doesn’t quite cut it. The 37% Rule certainly raises a lot of questions. The same rule also assumed that people have a “reasonable understanding of what they want in a partner by 26” which isn’t the case in real life.

That said, The 37% Rule could only provide a good insight on your future when you hit 26. Simply, bigger decisions in life become “more trustworthy.” At 26, we should know what we want to pursue and achieve in life. By that age, we should already know that we’re responsible enough to start making decisions that could have a big impact on our lives.

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