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YG Entertainment on Daragon: G-Dragon, Dara Are ‘Just Close Friends’

Daragon fans were hyped up after a video of Sandara Park and G-Dragon went viral. Many hoped that Daragon is real despite the women being linked to G-Dragon. However, YG Entertainment stepped forward to clarify the dating rumors.

The Daragon ship has been around for a long time now. The two artists are extremely close onstage and off camera. The fans of the ship even compiled evidence of G-Dragon and Dara’s relationship on Instagram. The compilation called “Lovestagram” became viral over the internet.

YG Entertainment: “It’s just a joke.”

YG Entertainment has always been quiet when it comes to G-Dragon’s love life. The agency released a statement regarding the dating rumors between Dara and G-Dragon.

The viral video shows G-Dragon being protective over Dara. In the clip, G-Dragon was holding Dara protectively and even kissing her on top of her head. This led to Daragon shippers believe that the two artists are secretly in a relationship. Daragon immediately became a trend on social media thanks to the video.

However, the agency clarified the rumors and said that it was a joke. The statement read, “The dating rumors were caused by a joke. It was a suggestion of G-Dragon’s during the after party. They never kissed as well.”

How Fans Reacted

KPop ships are very common among fans. These ships often produce fan fictions on various websites. Many KPop artists are quiet about their personal lives. But that does not stop the fans’ imaginations to soar high regarding their love life.

Fans had mixed reactions regarding YG Entertainment’s statement. Some believed that the agency is covering up the truth about the couple’s relationship.

“I’m surprised that YGE responded to this “joke” faster than the other scandals the company faced,” one user commented.

Another also wrote, “Maybe G-Dragon got so sick of people butting in that he decided to joke around.”

Despite the agency’s press release, many fans are still hoping for Daragon to be real. G-Dragon may have been linked to many women like Nana Komatsu and SNSD’s Taeyeon. However, that didn’t stop the Daragon ship to sail in the fans’ hearts.

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