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The World Without Kardashians – A Harsh Rhetoric

Fancy a world without Kardashians? It might not be very bad, after all. Chances are that it might be better too!

Tired of keeping up with the Kardashians? Got up one beautiful morning, tuned in the news and it’s all Kardashians and Jenners? Perhaps, it wasn’t one bit whimsical when someone came up with an extension that automatically blocks the Kardashian news! True story. A thing as outlandish as that did come into existence. That’s just how much the world can do without the embodiment of wax and plastic!

World Without Kardashians

First things first, sex sells and there’s that. The Kardashian clan did nothing but bank on Kim’s sex tape and never looked back since. Furthermore, rumors were rife that it was indeed Kim’s mom Kris who was responsible for the leak. Funny how style without substance can come into prominence with some excessive cleavage and badly done sex tape. Not to mention the ‘Breaking the internet’ photo shoots!

Perhaps, a question of how they still manage to sell comes up! Not only are they a bunch of good-for-nothing attention grabbers, but also a brand today. To an extent where the family goes to court when Blac Chyna wanted in on the action. Chyna, for her part, tried an entry into the family’s foray through Rob, but hey, more people – less money!

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One thing for certain, they are no role models. At least, not if one thinks it’s role model-like to pose nude selfies with abysmal captions! Just try watching their TV series to comprehend the depth of mediocrity and wrong message they radiate. Moreover, E! network made a killing out of it too.

Who is tuning into Keeping Up With The Kardashians tonight???? Let's live tweet! I love this Kimoji pic! Not sure where Kendall is lol

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The Unnecessary Evil!

The media has lost the plot with the news and it’s only right that they take the blame for all the Kardashian nuisance. Besides, what else is there other than that in zeitgeist news anyway? As long as the audience go gaga over which one of the sisters strips next, they’ll always win. More importantly, a wrong message is sent.

Will the world be a better place without them? No doubt about it. Will they cease to sell their brand? Now, that’s where it gets tricky!

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