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Wonder Girls: Possible Transfer of Agency; Goodbye, JYP Entertainment

It has been reported that the contract of veteran girl group Wonder Girls will expire in January 2017. Their agency, JYP Entertainment, has not given any hint about a contract renewal. It looks like the Nobody singers will soon part ways with JYP when their contract expires.

Members Yubin, Sunmi, Lim, and Yenny are the remaining members of the iconic group. After hit singles like Tell MeSo Hot, and Nobody, the group has fallen into a long hiatus. There were also several lineup changes such as when Sohee and Sunye left to focus on other careers. As the group reaches their tenth anniversary, it seems like they will be moving on to another agency to continue their careers as an idol group.

Wonder Girls And JYP Entertainment

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Koreaboo reported that the quartet has been contacting different agencies to transfer in once their contract ends. A representative from an unnamed label has confirmed that they had a meeting with one member and discussed a possible transfer with them.

“Yes, one member met with us to discuss a transfer. But we are not sure as of the moment because the contract with JYP has not expired yet,” the representative said.

Another source, who is a close friend of the group, admitted that the quartet is indeed looking for another agency.

“One member is looking for a company that will support her talents in music. The others are also looking for an agency that can support them with acting, MC-ing, and other activities,” the source revealed.

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JYP Entertainment: “There is no confirmation yet.”

A representative from JYP Entertainment said that there is no confirmation regarding the contract renewal.

“We already discussed it but we have not yet reached the point where we agreed on a contract renewal. Member Yubin’s father died recently, which caused the delays in the discussion. We don’t have any knowledge if they are looking for new agencies or not,” the representative said.

As of the moment, no one from Wonder Girls verified the truth about the issue.

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