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Wonder Girls Disbandment: It’s A Goodbye After 10 Years

Many people have seen it coming, but Wonder Girls disbandment still surprised many KPop fans. JYP Entertainment has confirmed the news about the group’s disbandment. In addition to that, it’s revealed that Wonder Girls is going to release one last single on their 10th anniversary.

Disbandment rumors began when Wonder Girls’ contract expiration began to make headlines. Allkpop reported that the veteran’s group contract will expire at the end of January. JYP Entertainment released a statement that there is a possible contract renewal. But fans’ suspicions rose after Wonder Girls’ poster was removed from JYP Building.

Wonder Girls Disbandment: 10 Years In The KPop Industry

Ever since Wonder Girls’ contract came into the spotlight, rumors of disbandment circulated over the internet. Koreaboo also reported that some members of the group are looking for new agencies. JYP Entertainment released a statement on Jan. 26 regarding the Wonder Girls disbandment.

According to the statement: “After 10 years, Wonder Girls will disband. The decision’s made after thorough discussions between the members and the agency.”

The press release also contained about the members’ futures. Yubin and Hyerim have renewed their contracts while Yeeun and Sunmi will leave JYP Entertainment. The agency thanked the fans and revealed that Wonder Girls will release a digital single on Feb. 10, the group’s 10th anniversary.

The statement ended with: “Thank you to all of the fans who stayed with JYP and Wonder Girls for the last 10 years.”

The Wonder Girls: “Thank you, Wonderfuls…”

Last Jan. 25, JYP Entertainment uploaded a video on YouTube called “Thank You For Being So Wonderful”. The four-minute long video contains clips of Wonder Girls along with the members’ message for their fans, or Wonderfuls. They thanked the Wonderfuls for all of the memories and apologized for the Wonder Girls disbandment news. The youngest member, Hyerim, added that she hoped that their songs will serve as a source of comfort for fans.

The leader, Yeeun, said, “It’s been 10 years since we have been together. All of the moments we had went by like a kaleidoscope. Thank you for all of the memories; we will take them with us forever.”

And at the end of the video, all members said, “Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. We’re so happy. Those days were like a dream to us. Remember us always. We are Wonder Girls.”

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