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Wonder Girls Contract: K-Pop Girl Group’s Transformation Over The Years

Korean girl group Wonder Girls contract will be expiring soon. A representative from JYP Entertainment confirmed that the contract will end in January 2017. Will there be a contract renewal? Or will Wonder Girls part ways with the agency that gave birth to them?

Many people remember Wonder Girls for their iconic tracks Nobody, So Hot, and Tell Me. The group debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2007. Wonder Girls originally has five members. After several line-up changes and a group hiatus, Wonder Girls came back as a four-member band instead of a dance group.

Wonder Girls Contract: What JYP Has To Say

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With a few weeks left until 2016 ends, fans began to speculate about Wonder Girls’ future with JYP Entertainment. Many began to worry if Wonder Girls will suffer through the same fate as the other KPop acts who got disbanded this year.

After so many rumors circulating Wonder Girls contract and the potential disbandment, JYP Entertainment stepped forward to answer the rumors. A representative from the agency told Star News that the agency is currently discussing a possible extension with Wonder Girls.

“We are talking about a contract renewal,” the representative said.

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What Has Changed in Wonder Girls

It has been seven years since Wonder Girls graced the KPop industry with their presence. They are also one of the girl groups, aside from 2NE1 and SNSD, who made records in the Western music industry. In fact, Nobody was the first KPop song that made it to the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. They are also the only girl group that SNSD considers as rivals in the music industry.

Despite their success, Wonder Girls was not immune to the legendary 7-year-curse in KPop. Right after debut, Kim Hyuna quit from the group due to chronic gastroenteritis. Then in 2012, former leader Sunhye went on a hiatus to concentrate on her wedding. Sohee also left JYP Entertainment in 2013 to focus on her acting career. Sunhye then announced in 2014 that she will be retiring as an entertainer to focus on her family. The two left letters to their fans, capping their messages with heart-felt gratitude for the fans and JYP Entertainment.

Amidst the line-up changes, Wonder Girls continued their journey as a foursome in the music  industry. It is still unknown if Wonder Girls contract will be up for renewal. All fans can do is to wait for more updates.

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