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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Taking One Step Closer to Embracing Pregnancy

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was once again successful with guest stars Lady Gaga, The Weekend and a surprise performance by Bruno Mars. This year’s fashion show marks history as the first to ever include a pregnant woman in the runway.

Irina Shayk, the 30-year-old Victoria’s Secret model, slew the runway while in her second trimester. Irina walked down the runway twice wearing a gray lingerie with a gold satin coat on top to accentuate her baby bump. On her second, she was wearing a red lingerie set with fringes at the waist to add movement and drama.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk recently announced model’s pregnancy

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Irina Shayk surprised everyone when she walked down the runway last November 30 at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held in Paris. The model confirmed that she and Bradley Cooper are expecting at the afterparty. She wore a black and white pinstripe dress and even held her dress closer to her skin to show her bulging belly. Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk started dating back in April 2015.

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Victoria’s Secret embracing the feminine curves

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It is unclear as to why Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 allowed Irina Shayk to walk down the runway. The lingerie line is notoriously strict with their body size and standards. A lot of people are asking for the reason for their sudden change of mind. Although Irina’s bump is still fairly small, it is highly unlikely that the model kept it a secret to the organizers.

The Victoria’s Secret Model and her boyfriend both looked proud of the former’s pregnancy. This action from the lingerie line may be a stand toward embracing pregnancy as a woman’s sexual appeal. This could be a step to promote acceptance of natural curves that a woman possesses. One thing is for sure, though; this is a good day to celebrate and both Victoria’s Secret and Irina Shayk should be applauded.

One-step down, but still a long way to go.

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For years now, feminists protest about Victoria’s Secret Fashion show; their stand is that the event promotes an unnatural standard of beauty for girls.  All Victoria’s Secret Angels are tall, with rather too slim and too small waistlines. This, according to the activists, makes women believe that curvaceous bodies and rounder hips aren’t beautiful.

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