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UP10TION Wooshin: Forensics Debunked Star’s Scandal With Jeon Somi

Every celebrity gets tangled in a scandal or two during his or her career. Some are minor while others are extreme like sexual scandals. For  UP10TION Wooshin, his Christmas did not start in a great way because of the issue he was involved in. Last December 2016, Wooshin was accused by netizens of sexually harassing I.O.I’s Jeon Somi.

Born as Kim Woo Seok, Wooshin debuted in 2015 as a member of UP10TION. He’s the front man and one of the vocalists in the group. In the span of their career, the group has released five mini-albums. UP10TION is known for their sharp choreography and top-notch vocals.

The Scandal of UP10TION Wooshin

The sexual harassment issue began after SBS MTV The Show uploaded a short clip in their official Twitter account. The clip contained UP10TION Wooshin and I.O.I Somi giving fans their Christmas message. Netizens were quick to point out that Wooshin’s hand brushed twice against Somi’s breasts. Many expressed their anger over the act but UP10TION’s fans were quick to defend Wooshin.

Because of the gravity of the situation, Wooshin and Somi’s agencies responded to the netizens’ allegations. I.O.I’s agency, YMC Entertainment, released a statement last December 25 regarding the issue.

“Jeon Somi expressed her shock that the issue existed. She also expressed worry for her senior and his fans. We would like to clarify that the accusations are not true. And in addition, we will be careful not to worry fans again,” YMC Entertainment stated.

TOP Media also had a press release regarding the harassment scandal. After giving an apology, the label promised to be more careful for the fans.

“We confirmed that Wooshin and Jeon Somi made no physical contact,” TOP Media said, “We are sorry for the misunderstandings that happened due to the assuming comments.”

Legal Actions Are Taken

On January 14, TOP Media released another statement with forensic evidence to clear Wooshin’s name. A doctor from the Forensic Imaging Analysis Laboratory analyzed the situation and concluded that UP10TION Wooshin is innocent.

A representative from TOP Media announced that the company will pursue legal action if ever accusations continue despite the evidence.

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