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What 2017 Has In Store For Underrated KPop Groups

Some of the biggest names in the KPop industry now are BIGBANG, Girls’ Generation, and BTS. These groups are often seen dominating the music charts with their every comeback. If there are groups who rule the mainstream, then there are also underrated KPop groups.

These KPop groups are the ones who are not as appreciated as the popular acts in the KPop industry. However, these groups also have the potential to shine thanks to their talent and skills. As the year comes to a close, the fans of these groups hope that 2017 will be a time for their oppas or unnies to get the exposure they deserve.

Some Underrated KPop Groups:


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One of the most underrated KPop groups as of the moment is VIXX. The group consists of six members and the group’s name is short for “Voice Visual Value in Excelsis”. Ever since their debut, the group is known as the “concept idols”.

KPop is known for lively pop tunes and colorful backdrops. VIXX, however, is different. The group is known for incorporating their themes to their choreography, costume, and lyrics. The members have transformed into voodoo dolls, cyborgs, and even mythical gods in their recent comeback. Dubbed by the fans as the “Concept Kings of KPop”, Starlights are hoping that 2017 will be a great year for VIXX.

Boy Groups from TOP Media

TOP Media is an entertainment agency founded by Shinhwa member Andy in 2005. The agency currently has three acts under it: Teen Top, 100% and UP10TION. Teen Top debuted in 2010 and is known for their “Knife Choreography“. Two years later, 100% debuted and slowly entered the industry with their soulful vocals. UP10TION, the newest addition in the TOP Media family, is a group that combines great vocals and impressive choreography. Despite being founded by a member of one of the established KPop groups in history, it looks like these groups are not as appreciated as their founder.

Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl is one of the many newbies in the KPop industry. Although it is not one of the top girl groups, Oh My Girl is slowly making its way in the industry with the girls’ vocal abilities, dance moves and concepts. In addition to that, the group members are also known for their charm and friendliness. In just one year, the members have established friendships among fellow idols. With their capabilities, fans of Oh My Girl are looking forward to what the girls can accomplish in 2017.

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Why They Deserve the Spotlight Too

Underrated KPop groups also deserve their fair share of exposure. Like with the titan groups in the industry, these acts also pour hard-work and determination in their craft. With the members heavily involved in conceptualizing their next comeback, these groups deserve more acclaim than what they have now.

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