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The Truth About G-Dragon Love Life

KPop Idols are probably one of the most private people in the planet. Those who are in a relationship often lay low and focus on album productions or drama promotions. BIG BANG’s leader, G-Dragon, is one of the top artists in the KPop industry right now. Despite his prolific status, not much is known about his private life. So, it was rather surprising when the G-Dragon love life was discussed in a variety show where BIG BANG appeared as guests.

G-Dragon Love Life: Is He Really Taken?

Despite the photo leaks and rumors, YG Entertainment did not comment on G-Dragon love life rumors. However, on the Dec. 28th episode of Radio Star, BIG BANG’s leader finally addressed the dating speculations between him and models Mizuhara Kiko and Komatsu Nana.

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The hosts asked G-Dragon about his relationships and if he was dating someone. They also added if he broke up with the models. With regards to the G-Dragon love life speculations, the rapper replied, “If I admit that I broke up, does it also mean that we dated before? If so, then I’ll say I don’t know to both questions.”

He also explained that he likes to hang out with the people who were romantically linked to him. “I don’t care if someone takes pictures. I’m just hanging out with a group of friends anyways,” he said.

After giving these answers to the hosts, G-Dragon revealed his thoughts on dating as a KPop idol.

“Admitting to a relationship has its pros and cons especially because I’m a public figure. It will definitely affect my partner in a negative way. But if the person I’ve dated want the relationship to be exposed, I would have opened up to the public. The public may have the right to know, I don’t think it’s my duty to let them know,” G-Dragon said.

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BIG BANG on Reality TV Shows

After releasing their album MADE, BIG BANG began to appear in variety shows like Radio Star and even in Weekly Idol, which will air sometime in January 2017. The reason for BIG BANG appearing as guests is because member T.O.P will be enlisting in the military next year. This is YG Entertainment’s gift to BIG BANG’s fans since the group will not promote together for a long time.

Catch BIG BANG on Weekly Idol this January 2017!

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