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Tom Hiddleston Latest News: ‘High-Rise’ Actor Merrily Strides at Theatre Awards Despite Taylor Swift’s Break-Up Song Dedication?

Tom Hiddleston showed up at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards after the wrap-up of Thor: Ragnarok. Meanwhile, the actor’s ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, is rumored to have composed a song for him.

Last Sunday, the Crimson Peak actor attended the 62nd Evening Standard Theatre Awards held at the Old Vic Theatre according to Daily Mail. Hiddleston strode on the red carpet wearing a sharp tuxedo.

His jacket, which had a satin lining, bore traditional pockets and lapel. Underneath it, the actor wore a crisp white dress shirt and attached a bow tie to his collar. Hiddleston matched this with slim trousers and black brogues.

The actor arranged his hair, too, in a combed-back manner. His neatly trimmed beard also added an effect to his elegant look.

Tom Hiddleston appeared cheerful during the event despite the hearsay about Swift preparing to publicize a song about him. He spent his evening socializing with prominent celebrities like Sir Elton John and Kenneth Branagh. Currently dubbed as one of the most brilliant theater stars, Hiddleston was set to present an award, too, that night.

The actor just finished filming his 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok in Australia. He stars alongside Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel movie who plays the title character.

On the other hand, Taylor Swift is rumored to have been working on a song dedicated to her recent ex-boyfriends according to E! Online.

A source told the outlet that the singer is back in her studio again to make some music. Although it is not particularly shocking to know that the star is composing some songs for her ex-lovers, it is somehow thrilling to hear it soon.

The insider further informed that the singer is not about to lash on Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris on her upcoming tracks. It said that Swift is concentrating more on the good-natured side of their separation instead of its dark side.

Photo source: Facebook

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