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Tom Hiddleston Girlfriend: It Seems Like Taylor Swift’s Ex Has A New Love Interest

Is there possibly a new Tom Hiddleston girlfriend? Since he was nominated for Best Actor in a mini-series for The Night Manager, many are wondering who he will be arriving with on the red carpet. The awards season, after all, is here, so it’s time for the speculations to begin.

Hiddleston’s whirlwind romance with pop superstar Taylor Swift was one of the most talked-about hookups in 2016. It was such a quick affair that it abruptly ended as soon as summer is gone. Like many of Swift’s romances, we were caught waiting for her new song to drop. Possibly, we may hear something about her failed romance with Hiddleston.

Is Tom Hiddleston girlfriend ready?

Back in November, it was rumored that the actor is wooing a Taylor Swift look alike. These were fueled by photos of him and a blonde woman walking side by side in the United Kingdom. It was soon confirmed, however, that the woman was merely one of Hiddleston’s friends from UNICEF.

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Tom Hiddleston Girlfriend

Screen cap from the Twitter page of New Songs 2017

Since their very public romance and eventual split up, fans are in cahoots over who will be the first to be publicly seen with a new partner. While Hiddleston’s lovelife seems to be in low-key status, except for that brief rumor with Priyanka Chopra, Swift has been linked to possibly every male in Hollywood—from Zac Efron to Ben Affleck.

Don’t get us wrong. There was a huge rumor about Hiddleston and Chopra, too, especially when they presented an award together during the 2016 Emmys. According to a report by E! News, as quoted by Inquisitr, the two were “openly flirting” at the Governor’s Ball just weeks after Hiddleston’s breakup from Swift.

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Hiddleston and Chopra are together?

The same report said Hiddleston had her arms around Chopra and held her close all throughout the event. They talked closely and held hands at one point during the Governor’s Ball. Chopra also fixed the actor’s bow tie and they kissed on both cheeks.

Before leaving the event, it was reported that the two exchanged numbers and shared a long hug and several kisses on the cheek. But soon after these reports, there were no news about Tom Hiddleston girlfriend.

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