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‘Tom Cruise Thinks I’m the Devil’ – Leah Remini Reveals

The crusade against Scientology by Leah Remini is gaining momentum by the day. Her recent interview with Larry King was no exception.

After pulling the plug on her affiliation with the cult group, Leah Remini has done nothing but condemned it. Firstly, she came up with a book “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology“, critical for the most part. Her crusade didn’t stop there, however. Along with A&E networks’ “Scientology and the Aftermath“, Leah documents the horrors and the survivor stories too.

Leah Remini in Larry King Now

To begin with, Leah takes no prisoners with her criticism of Scientology and its present members. Case in point, Tom Cruise was no exception too. The most famous member and the quasi-ambassador of the church’s name appears sporadically in Leah’s revelations. Not to mention, Tom’s staunch belief in Scientology necessitates his contempt towards Leah.

Upon hearing the question about her relationship with Tom these days, Leah reveals that he thinks her as Lucifer [Devil]. Furthermore, she tells that the church preaches its members to regard people like her as devil, who mean nothing but harm and evil. It was indeed after an insult during Tom’s wedding that Leah thought it best to call it quits.

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In the wake of her horrifying revelations about Scientology, Leah clears the air by saying that Tom is well aware of everything. Tom is aware of the Church’s defrauding ways, but he’s a believer nonetheless, Leah says. Needless to say, this throws in a lot of questions on Tom’s stance on some of the accusations on the church. Sexual harassment and blackmail, for starters.

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Leah Remini: Resolute and Unwavering

Tom Cruise is more or less synonymous with Scientology, as it stands. Due to the organization’s covert status, nothing come out, except when people like Leah go rogue. She’s not alone too. Her docuseries sheds light on many survivors and their plight in the hands of the Church’s members.

The Church maintains that Leah is doing this to extort money from them, which is nothing more than a joke. It’s indeed the Church who are known for their shenanigans and misdemeanors and their counter allegations are baseless. Irrespective of what Leah’s agenda is, she is standing her ground and chiding the Church. Something Tom couldn’t do at the cost of losing his family too. Perhaps, he was apprehensive if Church deems him an “SP” [Suppressive Person]!

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