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Tiffany Trump And Madonna: Who’s Afraid Of Whom

You think that when you’re the first daughter, everything will be peachy and all doors will open to you? Unfortunately, that’s not what happened with Tiffany Trump and Madonna. Fashion editors snubbed Tiffany during the New York Fashion Week and she had to leave early to avoid Madonna.

Oh yes, one of the most powerful women in America just left an event because she was afraid she’ll be seen by the Queen of Pop. Madonna, as we all very well known is a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, Tiffany’s father. In fact, she campaigned for Hillary Clinton and spoke against Trump during the Women’s March in January.

Tiffany Trump And Madonna Almost Collided

Many were waiting for Tiffany Trump and Madonna to bumped into each other during Monday’s Philipp Plein show at the New York Public Library. Tiffany, who confirmed at the last minute and was escorted to the front-row seat by the Secret Service, was there to support her friend, Andrew Warren.

Tiffany Trump and MadonnaPing Bauzon | Tripped Media

Screen cap from the Twitter page of Trump we are all

More than anything else, though, Tiffany was busy trying to avoid Madonna. The Queen of Pop actually held up the show for an hour because she arrived late. She was seated across the room from the president’s daughter.

If you’ll recall, Madonna said in her Women’s March speech in Washington D.C. that she “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Trump then calls Madonna “disgusting,” but the singer was quick to clarify her speech.

She said in an Instagram post that she was not advocating for violence. Rather, she wants to start a “revolution of love.” Madonna added that the context of her speech was to encourage all women and marginalized people to come together and unite to create a positive change in the world.

During the Plein show, Tiffany was supposed to attend the lavish dinner post-event. However, she left discreetly because she was trying to avoid Madonna, who has not been exactly nice to the Trump family. Nas and The Kills performed during the dinner party.

No One Wants To Seat Next To Tiffany?

Photos quickly circulated on the internet that no one wants to sit next to Tiffany during the Plein show. In fact, seating arrangements were disarrayed because those supposed to sit beside the presidential daughter refused to.

Fashion editors avoided sitting next to Tiffany, sources said, though there were also some who said the seats quickly filled up beside her. Wall Street Journal fashion columnist Christina Binkley even tweeted a photo of empty seats beside Tiffany.

But the next day, the presidential daughter is back again to attend the Dennis Basso show. This time, though, the seats next to her were not empty as she sat next to her friend, Andrew. There was also no Tiffany Trump and Madonna moment that she had to avoid.

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