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The Weeknd ‘My Way’: New Song Somehow Made Bella Hadid Jealous Of Selena Gomez

There is nothing wrong in wanting revenge with one’s ex. It’s normal to make one’s ex jealous by moving on quickly or posting happy pictures on social media. Celebrities dissing their exes is a normal thing; and The Weeknd new song is one recent example.

Bella Hadid React To The Weeknd New Song

It’s been several months since Bella Hadid and The Weeknd ended their relationship. Recently, however, The Weeknd is seen spending quality time with Selena Gomez. And apparently, Hadid is not pleased with that.

The super model finally spoke up about her ex and his new beau. Hadid described the feeling as “very heavy”. She also went on about what she felt when she passed by The Weeknd during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

“People might think I handled it very well. But it is always in your heart and you feel it heavily. It will be tough for a while. Love hurts but you have to pull through,” Hadid explained.

With what Hadid said, it seems like the super model has not moved over The Weeknd just yet. That feeling was jabbed even more when The Weeknd new song, Some Way, was released.

Although some lyrics of the song were a direct diss at Justin Bieber, there was a certain line that seems to target Hadid. That particular line is “None of my girls, of my girls, gon’ get over me.”

A source close to Hadid said, “She is very close to tears recently. Hearing Abel’s new song didn’t help either. She is trying not to dwell on it too much but it felt like a slap on her face. But she couldn’t do anything and is trying to accept and move on.”

Family To The Rescue

Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez are both in New York City for Fashion Week. Hadid is doing everything she can to avoid Gomez. Thankfully, her big sister Gigi and friend Kendall Jenner are helping her out.

According to a source, avoiding Gomez has been Hadid’s top priority. Ever since pictures of The Weeknd getting cozy with Gomez in a yacht was released, Hadid was determined not to bump into Gomez during Fashion Week. It’s expected that things will get really awkward now, especially since Hadid and Gomez have a lot of mutual friends. They’re a part of Taylor Swift’s squad and fans can probably see the squad ripped in half thanks to the two women.

Did The Weeknd new song really went too far regarding Hadid? Or is it just artistry in a song?

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