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‘The Walking Dead’ Stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Andrew Lincoln News: Lincoln Laughs at Morgan’s Injury?

The premiere of The Walking Dead Season 7 brought tears to the eyes of the fans as many people had to say farewell to their favorite characters, Glenn and Abraham. Will Andrew Lincoln defeat Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the remaining episodes?

In a recent report from Entertainment Weekly, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was reportedly injured and it seems like Andrew Lincoln loves that he was in pain during the filming of The Walking Dead Season 7. According to the report, Morgan who plays Negan, was getting cramps from time to time and it usually hits his ribs and legs.

Morgan even stated that he just laughed and screamed at the same time when he experienced the contraction.

The Possession actor also unveiled that he wanted to remind Lincoln that it was not him who was having fun while killing other characters; it was Negan. He stated that some scenes were so intense that the cast could not look at him and he understands the reason.

In another TWD related report, revealed that there will be another death scene in the upcoming episodes. Lincoln and Morgan will be hitting EP and director Greg Nicotero with a bat to kill him.

“It was amazing,” Lincoln said in an interview. “I said, ‘Do not you ever put me through this again you son of a gun,’ and then hit him with the bat.”

The clip was reportedly recorded on the crew’s camera and also on Nicotero’s phone. However, Lincoln admitted that he wished it was Negan’s head he was hitting. He stated that he would still have to talk to the writers of TWD about it.

The Walking Dead Season 7 stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Andrew Lincoln. Rick Grimes is reportedly seeking revenge on Negan for the death of his friends, Glenn and Abraham.

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