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Teen Top L.Joe: It’s Goodbye TOP Media For Good

2017 just began but it looks like a beloved group is struck by the 7-year course. Teen Top L.Joe, the mischievous rapper of the group, just requested for a contract termination.

Teen Top is the first idol boy group of TOP Media, which was formed by Andy Lee of SHINHWA. The group consists of six members: CAP, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky, and Changjo. They debuted in July 2010 with the single Clap. They are known for their “knife-like” dances with complicated footwork. Some of their popular singles include Miss Right, Rocking, and Ah-Ah.

Teen Top L.Joe: There’s Trust Issue With TOP Media

L.Joe, or Leee Byung Hun in real life, is one of the rappers in Teen Top. His contract with TOP Media is set to expire in January 2018. Unfortunately, on Feb. 9, Teen Top L.Joe requested for a contract termination. The conflict stemmed from the fact that L.Joe is hindered from doing solo activities.

Soompi reported that the conflict happened last year in October. L.Joe had a meeting with the agency with regards to a contract renewal. When TOP Media heard about L.Joe’s desire to go solo, they restricted his activities, causing a misunderstanding between both parties. Ever since then, the trust between the artist and the agency has become difficult to recover.

“Yes, L.Joe filed for nullification with a lawyer. He wanted to focus on his acting career and hopes to spend time with the members of Teen Top without further issues,” a representative from TOP Media said.

TOP Media: “We are hoping for his change of heart.”

After the news of Teen Top L.Joe’s request for contract nullification made headlines, TOP Media immediately gave their side about the issue. The company hinted for a reconciliation with L.Joe and apologized to the fans about the news.

“Teen Top hopes to work for a long time. There is still time left for the contract so we are hoping that L.Joe will continue to promote with the members. After their hiatus, Teen Top is planning on a comeback this coming March and L.Joe participated in the album’s recording. So when he asked for the contract nullification, plenty of obstacles came into the way,” the representative said.

The source also apologized and thanked the fans for their continuous support, “We deeply apologize to the fans about the news. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your endless contributions and support to Teen Top and TOP Media. We will do our best to resolve L.Joe’s case so please be patient. Thank you.”

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