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Taylor Swift Grammys Ad: Is She Losing Her Touch

Taylor Swift’s popularity is very much attributed to the controversies she had been part of. The Kanye issue, her dating spree, and everything else in between kept her under the spotlight for a long time. This wasn’t the case when she first started out. While there have been many people to stay by her side amidst all these, is the pop star losing her glow? Is her credibility waning because of the vague accusations thrown her way?

Taylor Swift’s Grammys Ad Failed To Deliver Its Message

Just recently, a new advertisement to promote The Grammys featured Swift’s seemingly powerful speech from last year’s ceremony. Billboard reports that the short clip features different young girls engage in their musical talents as they recite line from the singer’s speech.

From a girl playing a violin, to a girl climbing the stairs with her tuba, to another one drumming her heart out, the ad aimed to inspire anyone to succeed. At face value, the advertisement, entitled It Was You, was definitely empowering.

Taylor Swift’s Grammys Ad: Why It Doesn’t Work

Many have not forgotten why her credibility has been affected. Last year, everyone hated rapper Kanye West for picking on the singer. Kanye explained that Swift was aware that he would be including a “controversial” line in one of his tracks. Swift slammed these allegations and played victim to the issue.

Kim Kardashian exposed a voice clip of Kanye and Swift on the phone, where the young star was heard saying she is “okay” with Kanye using that line. Swift’s credibility instantly reached nil, with only the extremely loyal ones still staying by her side. Later on, Swift’s string of short-lived flings also affected her reputation.

The new Grammy ad would seem to be powerful if you did not know much about Taylor Swift. Her speech was truly inspiring, but knowing that she based it on a pretty convincing lie, you would now think otherwise of her.

Buzz Feed recently also published a story entitled How Taylor Swift Played The Victim For A Decade And Made Her Entire Career. This is one of the many stories about Swift’s fake brand of feminism throughout her career. The story even details how the star has done things that are only meant for her own success.

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