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Taylor Swift Glitter Lip: Singer Fails At Being A Trendsetter

Everything that is on trend has a person behind it. From fashion up to internet slang, there is an individual solely responsible for making that trend happen. And for the Taylor Swift glitter lip, it looks like the Bad Blood singer thinks she started it all.

Glitter lips has been around for a long time now. Although they can be a little messy, the outcome is absolutely stunning. Glitter lips look great with an all-matte makeup routine or a full-on glitter scheme if the wearer is feeling bold. News flash: it is not Taylor Swift who made the look popular.

All About The Taylor Swift Glitter Lip Issue

The issue surfaced when a video of the behind-the-scenes for Swift’s Don’t Wanna Live Forever was released. In the video, viewers get to see a makeup artist applying red glitter lipstick on Swift. The You Belong With Me singer talked about how she hasn’t seen fellow singers with glitter lips. She also added that she’s excited for the look because it’s like she has “a disco ball” on her face.

“What we’re doing right now is a glitter lip that I’ve seen on shoots and on the runway and stuff, but I haven’t really seen people do it in a music video. I’m just like really stoked about the lips right now, I feel like I have a disco ball on my face,” Swift said.

In response to the Taylor Swift glitter lip claim, renowned blogger Perez Hilton noted that Swift has probably short-term memory. Hilton said that Swift’s claim made him “a little delusional”. He even advised the country-pop singer to do her research before declaring she pioneered something.

Who Had Glitter Lips In A Music Video Before?

Before Taylor Swift, there are several artists who had glitter lips in their music videos. One was Kesha in her MV for We R Who We Rwhich was released in 2010. In the video, Kesha is seen with blue-gray glitter lips while gazing intensely at the camera. Another example was Ariana Grande in her 2014 song Break Free. The pop diva sported baby pink glitter lips along with her signature matte-look and high ponytail.

In addition to that, rapper Missy Eliott also had glitter lips in two of her music videos I’m Better and WTF (Where They From). Former Disney child star Miley Cyrus had pink glitter lips for her music video Dooo It.

Is the Taylor Swift glitter lips claim just a joke from the singer or is Perez Hilton right about her short-term memory?

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