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Taylor Swift Actually Wants Ed Sheeran To Date Her Squad Members

We all knew Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are friends to the extent that apparently, Taylor is okay with Ed dating one of her squad members. And here we thought she’d be overprotective about it. How is she just okay with it? Read on to find out.

Taylor Swift Is Okay With It

Recently, Ed spoke with Rolling Stones and a part of that interview mentioned him dating some of Taylor Swift’s “famous friends”. A source told Hollywood Life that Taylor Swift is “definitely okay” with Ed Sheeran being in a relationship with her friends. In fact, the source said Taylor would rather have her friends date Ed than with some “random guy”.

The source then continued to say that Taylor didn’t feel disrespected or mad about it. She believes that Ed handled the whole thing like an adult.

Now isn’t this friendship sweet? The two are apparently so close that they trust each other enough to let them date their friends. Now who doesn’t want a friendship like Ed and Taylor’s?

What Happened?

Before Ed dated his current girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, the singer dated other women as well. Dating Taylor’s friends happened while he was on tour with her. Ed described himself to be a “22-year-old awkward British kid” at that time with famous “mates” and that’s when he hooked up with them.

But the one with whom he didn’t hook up with was Taylor herself. According to the interview, TMZ apparently reported that he and Taylor were dating but Ed denied those claims. There was no truth to it, according to the singer.

Taylor And Ed’s Friendship

Taylor and Ed are two of the biggest names in the music industry that one might even wonder how they keep the friendship strong when they’re both busy. But according to Ed, they’ve remained close despite the hectic schedules.

Ed even shared that he’d like to do a tour with her where they’ll perform and sing each other’s songs. Not only that but Ed is quite protective when it comes to Taylor. He says it’s been “frustrating” to watch her getting criticized.

“I always stick up for Taylor.” Ed said. He also mentioned that she’s the “most famous woman in the world” and that’s why it’s not her decision to make to avoid the press.

What do you think of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s friendship? Aren’t they ‘the ultimate friendship goal’ or what?

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