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Taeyeon Wiz Khalifa Feud: Not Tayeon’s Fault?

Fans have been curious about the Taeyeon Wiz Khalifa feud ever since news popped up that the two stars were supposed to do a collaboration stage in MAMA 2016. However, the collaboration did not happen. The rapper made the information public via his Twitter account.

He tweeted: “The fact that Teyeon backed out of our performance caught me off guard too but never accept rejection as failure. [sic]

It was speculated that the superstars were supposed to perform “See You Again”, one of the official soundtracks of the 2015 film Furious 7. A video was leaked online, showing the two rehearsing the song. But when the awards show began, the collaboration did not take place and Wiz Khalifa performed the song by himself.

Taeyeon Wiz Khalifa Feud: Her Side

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video "Taeyeon Rejected Wiz Khalifa for MAMA Collab?" taken from the YouTube Channel Jeremy Wang

Photo credit: Screenshot from the video “Taeyeon Rejected Wiz Khalifa for MAMA Collab?” taken from the YouTube Channel Jeremy Wang

The Korean star took it to Instagram to explain her side regarding the Taeyeon Wiz Khalifa Feud issue. According to her post, she was really looking forward to her performance with Wiz Khalifa. Unfortunately, a problem occurred with the sound file, leading to the cancellation of the collaboration stage. She capped her lengthy message by expressing her gratitude to her fans and hopes that there will be no more misunderstanding between her and the American rapper.

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How Wiz Khalifa Reacted

After Taeyeon exposed her side, Wiz Khalifa took to Twitter once again to make a reaction regarding her post. The rapper claimed that Taeyeon lied about her reasons why the collaboration was cancelled. He tweeted: “She claimed she had to go to the hospital the night before. Did the practice. Asked to be on a different stage than me then canceled.”

One fan commented, “You were very well in the presentation and that’s what matters, not what the girl did.” Khalifa responded with, “Exactly. No matter if people take responsibility for their actions or not.”

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To justify this claim, Taeyeon took to her Instagram once more to post her response. She uploaded a video in her SNS, claiming she didn’t go to the hospital. She also inserted the caption “I didn’t go to the hospital my friend.. I was washing up at this time while waiting for you.”

It looks like Taeyeon was waiting for Wiz Khalifa during the rehearsals. With all the back and forth claims being made by both artists, what is really the root cause of the collaboration cancellation? Will the Taeyeon Wiz Khalifa feud end positively or no?


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