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Syndicate Net Worth After The CS:GO Scandal

Many people have explored the world of gaming and started making money out of it. Popular YouTubers including PewDiePie, Syndicate, and Markiplier are just some who have taken the world of video games to a whole new level. Some bring pure entertainment, while others have been involved in unethical activities.

Tom Cassel, better known as Syndicate was involved in a scandal that affected his reputation.

Syndicate net worth: Betting site hurts YouTuber’s street cred

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Polygon reported how two YouTubers were involved in a scandal. TmarTn (Trevor Martin) and Syndicate (Cassel) were caught in a controversy. Both did not disclose that the betting site they were promoting was actually theirs. Dubbed CS:GO Lotto, they presented it as “an easy way to earn money.” Worse, TmarTn even pretended CS:GO Lotto just as a site he randomly stumbled upon.

Because of the scandal, questions of fraud came into light. Moreover, it was essentially a way for underage persons to gamble by using virtual items that worth real money. Since both of them have large youth fan bases, it brings forward the question of whether they were intentionally trying to manipulate young people into gambling away money.

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Syndicate net worth: What is CS:GO Lotto?

CS:GO Lotto allows players to add weapon skins to a pot and then, using a random number generator that functions similar to a slot machine. Ultimately, the skins are assigned a real money value based on rarity.

Eurogamer notes that the fact they did not disclose the website as their own business, was “potentially criminal.”

The scandal angered fans, even though both players were clearly aware that their fan base included kids. At the moment, there have been no developments regarding the YouTubers’ case surrounding the scandal.

Polygon has also revealed that the documents surrounding their betting website. It mentioned Martin and Cassel as owner and vice president of CS:GO Lotto since Dec. 2015. Syndicate and TmarTn have more than 10 million subscribers between them.

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